Property Management in Mobile AL: Understand the Licensing

property management mobile al

Before allowing someone to manage your property, you want to ensure they hold the proper licensing and insurance.  Not just anyone can provide property management in Mobile AL.  To provide this professional service, a few different criteria have to be met and observed.

Must Be a Licensed Brokerage

An individual alone cannot provide property management services.  These services must be provided through a licensed brokerage, not merely an active real estate agent.

Property Managers Must Work Under a Broker

Property managers do not necessarily have to be licensed realtors, but they do have to work under the supervision of a qualifying broker.  In fact, most property management in Mobile AL does not use licensed realtors at all for the individual management of each property.  They usually use 'property managers' which are essentially unlicensed assistants to the broker.

Alabama Laws Must be Observed

When it comes to housing, there are a number of applicable laws.  Whether dealing with the execution of leases, collection of rents, execution of repairs, or evictions, there are strict laws and procedures on how this must be done.  Be sure the company you are using for property management in Mobile AL has demonstrated a clear and progressive knowledge of the law before you entrust your property to them.

Need Property Management in Mobile AL?

With Southern Bay Realty, you know you're in good hands.  Fully licensed and insured, our team has the professional standing and experience to handle your property management needs with ease.

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