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Listings Aren't So Simple

Any realtor can list your home.  They can publish you on the MLS which feeds Zillow, Trulia, and, getting your home listed everywhere you would want it to be readily accessible to potential buyers.  As a function of advertising your home for sale, realtors are mostly equal.  But as a total experience and value, there are a few differences not just any local real estate agent can provide.  That's why you need Mobile's top listing agent: Walter Sessions.

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Meet Walter: Our Top Listing Agent

Experience matters.  With Southern Bay Realty, Walter Sessions is both owner and operator and our most experienced, successful agent.

Do you just need a realtor who handles the transaction?  If so, most any local real estate agent will do.  With us, however, we look to provide more than a little paper pushing.

Walter Sessions is an experienced agent dealing with first-time home buyers, investors, 1031 exchanges, complicated cost segregation tax deferrals, and more.  He has a keen eye for finding not just your dream home or preference but maximizing the value of your purchase.  Whether you're buying as a first-time home buyer or a savvy investor, at some point you may want to sell, and so you want Walter upfront analyzing whether the property you're looking at has much resale potential.

With listing your home, at 4% with an experienced agent you can't beat the value.  Walter will help ready your home with preparation and presentation tips to make it more appealing to buyers, as well as helping navigate the sometimes-stressful selling process.  He understands what it takes to maximize your return be it by firmly negotiating your position or helping find the most affordable and available repair companies to satisfy buyers' requests.

With an amazing team of top listing agents, Walter and Southern Bay Realty dominate the Mobile market as the most affordable, professional, and experienced real estate brokerage around.

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Listing % Matters

How much you pay your local real estate agent matters.  If all other things are equal, a listing agent differs only on their listing percentage.  At 4%, we can't be beat, providing top listing agent services for the most affordable price around.

A single percentage point can cost thousands of additional dollars, and it is the seller who pays it.

Higher listing fees do not go to the buyer's agent on the other side of the transaction, either.  Typically, these are 2% with the remainder going to the seller's agent.  At a 6% listing, the seller's agent is getting 4% in most cases while giving the more standard 2% to the buyer's agent, so there is not extra incentive built into those higher listing fees to encourage buyer's agents to bring their clients to your home.

At 4% listings, we split it evenly with the buyer's agent.  We believe it is fair that we take 2% and the buyer's agent takes 2%.  This keeps things appropriately equal while saving you thousands of dollars.

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