What Does a Property Manager Do?

what does a property manager do

Not All Property Management is the Same

Before asking what a property manager does, we need to clarify what kind of property management we are talking about.  With special-purpose property management, for example, a property manager may be exceedingly involved with the property and its activities.  This person may be an employee or something very close to it, and they may work with you and the property on a daily basis.  Conversely, a property manager of single-family dwellings may not have contact with you beyond the initial meeting and monthly reporting, and the management requirements may be minimal.

What Management Type Does Southern Bay Offer?

At Southern Bay Realty, we offer long-term property management.  This can be residential or commercial property management, but always with a long-term lease.  Specifically, we don't manage vacation rentals or any other short-term leasing arrangements.  Underneath this umbrella our property managers handle the following types of properties:

  • Single-family dwellings
  • Multi-family units
  • Condominiums & apartments
  • Manufactured homes
  • Retail & other office property

So, What Does a Property Manager Do, Exactly?

With us, our property managers do it all.  We handle all dealings with your tenants from lease to repairs to rent collection and any disputes that may arise.  We keep up with the financial accounting of things as well as making sure all matters are handled legally within the scope of Alabama law.  For repairs, we make sure to both coordinate and price shop all potential repairs and provide you multiple estimate options.  Additionally, our experience and expertise is used to ensure you get the most qualified tenants at top-dollar rent prices.

In a nutshell, we handle everything and apply our experience to maximize profits and minimize difficulties.

Want to Speak with a Property Manager?

If you still have questions, our property management experts are standing by to answer them.  Consults are completely free, so don't wait.  Give us a call today and we'll show you why we're your best option for everything related to rental management.

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