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We're Not Your Average Brokerage or Property Management Company

Times change, but industries take their time changing with it.  At Southern Bay Realty, we are a property management company and full-service brokerage recognizing the new world of real estate and the changing needs of consumers.

Big real estate brands used to matter.  They were important because only a big brand brokerage had the reach to promote your home.  Zillow, Trulia, and changed that.

The MLS—where all realtors list your home—is linked to Zillow and similar websites and automatically publishes your listing everywhere simultaneously.  As far as how widespread your listing gets shown, brokerages are equal: any brokerage that lists you on the MLS lists your home EVERYWHERE.

And because this has become so automated, it takes less time and money to do.  That's how we can list at 4% while still providing the services of a full brokerage.  We are recognizing our time/cost savings in this newly automated, digital world and are passing that savings on to our clients.

Consumers Are Becoming Savvier

With the great spread of information, consumers have readily available a plethora of information regarding real estate.  More and more individuals are getting into flipping houses, purchasing rental properties, or simply becoming the first in their family to own a home.  But reading about it and implementing it are two different things.

Most realtors hold their license and understand the paperwork required to handle your transaction.  A few, however, have that necessary understanding beyond how to push papers.  They understand the everchanging markets, the intricacies of underwriting and the many different loan options to consider; they understand that one investment property is not equal to another, and that buying your first home is not just about meeting your taste preferences, but also it's about finding you a home that will increase in value and retain lasting salability.  These exceptional types of realtors are difficult to find, but they are all that we have at Southern Bay Realty.

We are a small brokerage and intend to stay that way.  When you only employ the best, you can only get so big.

The Benefits of Unique Ownership

Whether you're an investor or first-time homebuyer, buying or selling a home involves more than just a realtor.  Title companies manage the transaction, and unless you're paying cash you need a loan for a mortgage lender.  To get that loan you need to prove your income, and that requires tax returns.  For the self-employed individual this gets complicated.  Underwriting requires current year-to-date financial statements, usually signed off on by an accountant.  Add in your realtor and you're dealing with four different professionals to manage a single transaction.

Southern Bay Realty came to life through our recognizing the importance of having these four professionals tightly woven.  Too often have we seen deals complicated or even fall apart because the professionals involved weren't all firing on the same cylinders.  With Southern Bay that is never a problem.

Our brokerage is operated by two individuals: Christopher Olson, EA, owner of Azalea CIty Tax & Accounting and Walter Sessions, a licensed realtor.  Along with our close relationships with several preferred lenders and title companies, our team is the complete package you need.

If you already have your own accountant, or your own mortgage lender, we definitely work with any other professional seamlessly.  But if you lack the right professionals in your pocket, our complete team has you covered.

The Value of Accountants

When you work a regular W2 job, underwriting is usually simpler.  You need the last year or two of tax returns and your most recent paystub, and that's usually just about it.

But when you're self-employed, receive a 1099, or own a business, it gets more complicated.  Lenders usually need two years of tax returns, current year-to-date financial statements, and often various explanations from your accountant.

Underwriting can become extensive and time-consuming, sometimes threatening to derail contracts on a deadline.  That's why having an accountant working diligently and responding timely is so important to satisfying your contractual deadlines and getting you into your dream home.

Lending Comes First

Consumers often think the first step to buying a home is talking to a realtor and finding the home they want.  In reality, your first conversation should be with a lender.

Before looking at homes, we want to establish your buying power, and that starts with your lender.  After providing limited information and having your credit checked, a lender can determine how much you can qualify for in buying a home.  If your buying power doesn't quite meet the level you were looking for, your lender will develop an improvement plan, giving you the path to improving your credit or debt-to-income ratio to get you to the buying power you're looking for.

That's why we have a comprehensive list of preferred vendors we work with.  It is important to get your pre-approval in order to make sure when we find that right home for you there is nothing standing in your way of securing it.

Eric Nance
Southern bay is the top realty company in Baldwin and Mobile county’s hands down. Great people to work with on the sale or purchase of your home.
Nance Family
Southern Bay Realty is a top real estate company in the Mobile area. If you’re looking to buy or sale, don’t look any further!
Walter was amazing. His advice on property management really helped me out. Their rental management services are affordable, and the expert advice invaluable. I’m so happy to have a resource like Southern Bay Realty, Mobile’s top real estate company!!!
Donnie Davis
We were concerned at first but once we sat down with southern bay we were quickly relieved. All of our questions were answer, no rush, no pressure. We left feeling that we made the right choice choosing southern bay. Very professional service.
Meghan Davis
Very responsive team. Answered all of my real estate questions and went above and beyond to ensure I had a stress free experience. I highly recommend Southern Bay Realty and look forward to doing business with them again in the future.
Trenity Davis
These guys property manage our Orange Beach and Gulf Shores condo rentals and we get nothing but positive feedback from our guest. They have the best pricing we have found, and service to go with it! Cant wait to place more units in their management program!
JaBreea Wallace
Have the best realtors in town. The experience was great! thank you so much

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Property management
Property management

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