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Partnerships in Rental Property Management Companies? Who Cares?

Rental management should be more than simply the collecting of rents and handling of tenant issues.  With most rental property management companies, it isn't.

Real estate agencies tend to advise strictly from one side of things: the real estate market and what they make money on.  Think about it: has a realtor ever talked you out of buying, or has a property manager suggested you sell instead of letting them continue managing it?

With Southern Bay, we are more than just a brokerage.  While certainly a for-profit business, we know that pushing you to sell or retain a rental when it might not be the right time isn't the way to earn years of business from you.  That's where our partnerships come in.  With Azalea City Tax & Accounting, as an example, our licensed tax experts can help you understand the potential tax consequences of your real estate decisions and how best to maximize your real estate earnings by mitigated tax liabilities.  Or like with lending, our close partnership with The Mortgage Couple lets you easily look at what lending options are available and make sense if you're wanting to sell one property to acquire another, or perhaps do a cash-out refinance instead of selling your lucrative rental property.

Savings Matter

At Southern Bay, our fees are simple and upfront: every listing is 4% and every property managed is 10%.  There is a standard doc fee of $225 with each real estate sale or purchase, and zero fees beside it.  With most property management companies there are additional fees charged when they actually have to work.  Their 10% covers collecting the rent and basic communication with the tenants, but when they schedule a repair, they'll bill something like $25, or if after the tenants move out they have to have the property cleaned they'll charge another administrative fee of $25 or so, and these fees will just keep adding up.  You're already out of pocket for the repair or clean, and you're already paying your management company 1/10 of your gross earnings, how much more do they want?

With us, there are no administrative fees.  We charge our flat 10% and stop there.  And for all those partnerships we keep referencing?  Well, those come included.  All of our partners provide free consultations and up-front pricing for services from there.

rental property management company

Even More Savings

With a flat 10% management fees and no administrative fees tacked on, you save time and money with us.  Total management means total management: we handle everything.  When you hand your property to us to take care of, we don't stop with simple reporting and rent collecting.

Southern Bay simply is your #1 local rental property management company for all of Mobile, AL.

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