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4% Matters

Most brokerages list at 6% or higher without providing any greater value with their service.  With us, you can expect that same full-service brokerage service with years of experience, just at a more affordable price.

Key Partnerships

Our agents are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced around, and our partnerships with Azalea City Tax & Accounting, Surfside Services, and others add value other brokerages simply can't match.

Key Partnerships

Our agents are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced around, and our partnerships with Azalea City Tax & Accounting, Surfside Services, and more add value other brokerages simply can't match.

Why Are Key Partnerships So Important to a Top Real Estate Company?

4% listings save you thousands of dollars without sacrificing the service you need.  It's this great price alongside our years of experience and key partnerships that make us Mobile's top real estate company.

But you need more than just a great price to have a seamless experience buying or selling a home.  Key partnerships with tax accountants, lenders, and home repair companies are essential to providing our clients the best experience possible.

top real estate company

What About the Big Brands? Don't They Offer More?

With big brands, you pay big bucks, but not necessarily for more or better service.  Our competition, who shall not be named, those 'other' brokerages with franchised brands, are simply expensive.  Several of them have amazing realtors and brokers, but they just can't get past that corporate office back in Texas or wherever that they have to pay high fees to.  And where does the money for those fees come from?  That's right, it comes from you.  Those 6% and higher listing fees help to afford those big corporate offices back in their home state, not because it affords them the ability to provide better service.

top real estate company

It Adds Up Fast

An extra percent or two may not be much when you're buying groceries, but when you are buying homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each of those percentage points cost you thousands of dollars.

Do you have a few extra thousand dollars you can afford to throw away?

With Southern Bay, your top real estate company in Mobile, AL, there is no corporate office out of state and no huge executive structure up top to require us to charge the comparatively high rates of our competition.  We are local, efficient, streamlined: and we pass that savings up to you.

We Aren't Just Realtors, We're Mobile's Top Real Estate Company

Other brokerages have little to offer beyond their experience as realtors.  Southern Bay offers so much more with its partnership with Azalea City Tax & Accounting.  Real estate is usually the largest purchase you make in your life, and sometimes there can be tax consequences or even benefits.  Having professionals experienced in investing and avoiding taxes with those investments is important as you navigate the buying and selling of properties.  That plus a great relationship with Surfside Services for any repairs your home needs give us valuable key partnerships.

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