Alabama Property Management – What to Know

Alabama property management

Alabama Property Management: Where to Start

The first place to start with Alabama property management is with understanding why you might or might not need a property manager.  In general, a property manager should help in five ways:

  • Set the right rent price
  • Collect rents
  • Screening tenants
  • Property maintenance
  • Financial reporting

Overwhelmingly, what an Alabama property management company should do is save you time and headache.

Licensed to Serve

Before letting someone manage your property, however, you need to make sure they are properly licensed.  There are a lot of laws surrounding rentals and you need someone who knows them and can keep you compliant.  With Southern Bay Realty, not only are we licensed but we are fully insured.

Interested in Alabama Property Management Services?

If you're interested in using a property manager, start with a free consultation with us.  Our team will answer all of your questions and leave you feeling comfortable with entrusting your property to us.

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