What Makes a True ‘Local’ Realtor?

local realtor

Not every realtor living in your area has an understanding of the local markets.  In fact, since COVID there has been such an increase in licensed realtors in South Alabama that a great sum of all realtors is now new with little real experience.  Among these new realtors, how many know how to understand local market trends?

National Trends Only Matter So Much

When national reports point to housing crises in California and market bubbles based on data in New York, is this indicative at all of what's happening in Mobile and Baldwin County?  Sometimes, but certainly not by default.

A local realtor understands that the national housing crises or booms may not localize in our area.  Local industry, home availability, localized inflation, and other factors dramatically impact our buyer's pool, housing inventory, and the urgency with which people need to buy or sell.  These factors are critical to understand when considering what to offer or what to list your home for.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Whether considering us or another local realtor, don't take someone's word for it.  Start with a free consultation and ask a lot of questions.  After meeting with us, you should feel thoroughly convinced that we're the team for all your real estate needs.  We should be able to explain the local trends in a way that makes sense, fits what you're reading elsewhere, and isn't overly complicated.

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local realtor

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